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The United States planned to stay neutral in wars between European powers and their colonies.

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Q: Why according to monroe should the American continents no longer be open to European colonization?
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What did Monroe declare?

That, "'The American continents … are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers".

What president issued warning to European nations not to consider the American continents as subject for future colonization?

James Monroe

Why did both Japan and China resist European colonization?

Both Japan and China resisted European colonization to limit imports from American and European markets.

How were Europeans effected by the European exploration and colonization?

We were mostly effected positively, it has made Europe one of the wealthiest continents.

What are the European powers prohibited to do in the American continents?


On which continent is Tahiti located the Asian North American South American or European Continents?


What primary crop was planted in the south by native American before the European colonization?

They grew corn.

On which continent is Samoa located the Asian North American South American or European Continents?

It is part of Oceania.

How did the Monroe doctrine impact Europe's colonization in the western hemisphere?

Further European colonization of the Americas was prohibited.

Which region of Oceania was greatly affected by European colonization?

Polynesia was greatly affected by European colonization.

What was negative about European presence in the new world?

The colonization of the western hemisphere, the New World, was a major negative for the Native American Tribes and its civilizations. The end result of the European colonization for the Native Tribes was their subjugation and loss of lives for them.

What was the Monroe Doctrine and how it shows the US controlling Latin America?

A policy President James Monroe made which tried to limit European expansion into the Western Hemisphere. Monroe said that the American continents should not be considered for future colonization. (Latin America is part of the Americas.)