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uncertainty, elective Dictatorship, centralisation and weak protection of rights

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Q: Why and how has the UK constitution been criticised?
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Should the future coming notes be more criticised?

No, it has been criticised enough with all of the flying cars and time machines, absolutely not.

Was the creation of the state of West Virginia in violation of the US constitution?

It would have been if the state of Virginia was still reporting to Washington. But seceding from a rebel state in order to re-join the Union could not be criticised on constitutional grounds - except concerning the constitution of the Confederacy.

How many words are there in the UK Constitution?

None ! The UK does not have a written constitution ! I suppose what we have in its place is called 'Common Law', but no, Constitution we do not have.

What type of constitution dose the UK have?

it has no written constitution.

What is the name of the united kingdoms constitution?

The UK doesn't have a written constitution.

When was the constitution wriiten in united kingdom?

The UK doesn't have a written constitution.

How is constitution in the UK different from the constitution in the us?

it's not a single paper

Why is Britain constitution different of other states?

The UK has no written constitution.

Does the US Constitution apply to the UK?

No. The U.S. Constitution only applies in the U.S.

Where is Habeas Corpus in UK constitution?

The UK does not have a written constitution. Habeas Corpus is enshrined in a series of laws starting with Magna Carta in 1215.

How do you spell criticised?

The correct spelling is criticised. This is the British English spelling. The US spelling is criticized.

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Cal Jung's theories have been frequently criticised for lack of empirical evidences to support them.