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Women do not qualify as a "discrete and insular minority".

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Q: Why are Laws concerning women are not subject to the strict scrutiny test?
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During which period United States history where the amendment concerning the income tax direct election of senator Prohibition and woman surfers and they think?

It was during the Gilded Age that the Amendments were passed concerning income tax, direct election of senators, prohibition, and women's suffrage. These things were enacted through the 16th through the 19th Amendments. The Gilded Age covered a period of time from the 1870s to 1900.

What level of citizenship did a woman have in the 1700's?

Women were subject to the citizenship of their husbands. If their husband was a citizen or capable of gaining citizenship (hence free-whites) they had U.S citizenship. They did not however have rights. Due to the idea of coverture where women submitted fully to their husbands at marriage, women could not vote, own anything, sign contracts, etc.

What year did the equal rights amendment become a major political issue?

19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1920. That gave women the right to vote but, men still didn't want to believe that women were equal to them. Only three years later, in 1923, is when the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first introduced to Congress. It states that, "Men and women shall have equal right throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction."

How are the women treated?

women were treated fairly by their families in France.

What women were actively involved in securing the right to vote for women?

The women who were actively involved in securing women right were Susan B. Anthony, Florence Kelley, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

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Law concerning women are not subjected to the strict scrutiny Test because..?

there are no laws that apply only to women.

Why are laws regarding women not subject to the strict scrutiny test?

women do not qualify as a "discrete and insular minority."

Intermediate scrutiny is the classification test generally applied to issues concerning which minority group?


Laws concerning women are not subject to the scrutiny test because?

laws concerning women are not typically subject to the scrutiny test because gender is considered a suspect classification under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. This means that laws that discriminate based on gender are subject to a higher level of judicial review to ensure they serve important governmental objectives and are substantially related to achieving those objectives.

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