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The Confederate flag is still a symbol of southern pride. The south was for slavery so it is considered to be a racist flag. The KKK took the flag and made it there own and abused there power.

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Actually, the south was ANTI-slavery...
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Because the confederates states were fighting for the right to maintain slavery.

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Q: Why are blacks offended by the confederate flag?
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What is the flag of confederate?

The rebel flag the flag of the south.

What is the confederate flag?

The rebel flag the flag of the south.

What did the confederate states flag look like?

go to and type confederate flag

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How the confederate flag differ from the union flag?

The Union Flag was the Stars and Stripes. The Confederate flag was the stars and bars, representing many fewer states.

What does confederate flag mean?

The stars on the confederate flag represent the original 13 states that belonged to the Confederate States of America. The first confederate flag had only 7 stars which represented the 7 southern states that were in the confederacy.

What flag was flown at the battle of bullrun?

The Confederate flag

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Is it legal to fly the NAZI flag in the US?

Yes. A great number of disgusting, distasteful and unpleasant things are legal in the United States, of which the Nazi flag, the ISIS flag and the Confederate flag are only a few. We have this peculiar custom called "Freedom of Speech", enshrined in the First Amendment to our Constitution. Are you offended by that? Then don't look.

Should students be allowed to display the Confederate flag in school explain why or why not?

The short answer: The confederate flag is considered to be racist.

What does the confederate flag of Texas look like?

here is one of the Confederate flags of Texas. The Battle Flag of the Confederacy