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In respect to governmental bureaucracy, and in general terms, bureaucracies tend toward conservatism for several reasons. For one thing, the officers and administrators of governmental agencies are, like most ordinary persons, committed to the established way of doing things, in whatever area they may be serving; thus, they tend to 'conserve' rather than be 'creative' or 'progressive.' For another thing, and again like most ordinary persons, such governmental employees desire job-security; thus, they tend to seek to 'conserve' (or, more simply, hold on to) their responsibilities, their positions, and their funding, regardless of changing political climates or national needs and issues.

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Q: Why are bureaucies concervative?
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Some people tried to hold onto older, more conservative values by resisting change, upholding traditional beliefs and practices, and advocating for the preservation of established social norms. This could manifest through efforts to maintain traditional gender roles, uphold religious teachings, or resist progressive social movements.

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What are the disadvantages of the rh bill?

THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILLby Parokya ng Tatlong Hari on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 10:56am ·The Philippines is facing again a very serious issue that affects moral values and its culture. This is really a very serious issue and could really change the life of every Filipino, Issue pertaining to Reproductive Health Bill.Many Filipinos are very naive about this and most probably has no idea of what possible effects that could destroy our true Filipino morality with the concern of reproduction and sex. Religious groups and organizations opposed this bill, and so with the few concervative Filipinos, but for those whose minds were twisted by only on politics and business, they thought that to reduce poverty is through population control. Believing that the country's resources can now be segregated evenly to the country's population. Later in our discussion we will talk about the future effects of this bill.Here is a very strong opposing statement to the Bill by one of the top politicians in the country, Francisco S. Tatad -"THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH bill in the House of Representatives is being presented as a health bill and an antipoverty bill at the same time. It is neither. It is not what its authors say it is; it is everything they say it is not. It is an ideological attack on human life, the family, and our social and cultural values.The bill rests on a flawed premise; it is unnecessary, unconstitutional, oppressive of religious belief and destructive of public morals and family values. Its enactment into law will only deepen the already frightening ignorance about the real issues. It should be rejected."The religious sectors are not only the ones opposing the bill but some intellectuals who viewed the bill as an attack to the Filipino morals. But you may ask what is in the Bill that you may think is immoral?Well if you are done reading it, now let us talk! If you are a kind person who consider religion and morality as just few "things" that colors the life, then for sure you did not value it much and you may be one of those western type of people that think science and commerce and technology and etc.. as the solutions for poverty. But if you are a person who valued God's given system for life and its proper way to obtain a wonderful life now and in the future, then you may be affected a lot to that reproductive health bill.The author of the Bill stated the following objectives:To uphold and promote respect for life, informed choice, birth spacing and responsible parenthood in conformity with internationally recognized human rights standards.To guarantee universal access to medically-safe, legal and quality reproductive health care services and relevant information even as it prioritizes the needs of women and children.It thus really sound good, The Bill as most intellectuals would say is designed to protect the rights of the women, medical people in the maternity duty, promoting family and educating the youth for safe sex ( starting from Grade 5 - 10 to 11 year old kids) and be responsible in life, with all of these for 3 main goals ---- Anti-poverty, population control, AIDS(HIV) prevention. I may say a great cover up.Now lets go to the Negative impact of this Bill!1. If the Bill will be approved then we are permitting the people of the program to tell our young kids about condoms, pills and ways to prevent pregnancy.2. If the Bill will be approved then we are opening the minds of our children that sex is something to try. Even they are not that ready for it. And because they are thought how to use condoms, then curiousity would force them to sex.3. Because their minds are now tainted with sex education, the respect of having sex to the right girl or the right guy for the right time would be abolished. Probably raped cases would increase.4. Sex should be discussed by home by the parents not through government programs, approving this bill affects the right of the parents in teaching their young ones about morality.5. If the Bill will be approved, HIV cases would increase! There is no such thing in this world as Safe condoms ( they might advertise it as safe, then why they dont have COMMERCIALS of using their condoms with an AIDS VICTIM). In Thailand, when they started to have a bill regarding sex education and birth control, their HIV cases increasing and so with other countries. Why? Sex is Holy and be respected, when you educate people about it and with condoms.....They will try it and want it so badly, believing condoms would protect them.6. If the Bill will be approved, you cannot expect that your daughter will be still a virgin at the age of 15. The bill sounds good, but they're educated about sex and believing that sex is no holy and be respected anymore, but consider it as a wonderful part of the body.7. If the Bill will be approved, Prostitution will increase!8. If the Bill will be approved, it will be rear to find a virgin and concervative girl to become your wife. Like in America and in Europe that there is no such girl who is 18 and still a virgin.9. Filipinos are concervative in nature, If our country will become less concervative because of the Bill, thus it affects our culture and our way of showing respect to the women.10. Filipinos by nature is a solid christian and a believer to Gods way of giving new life, we all want the natural way, God's way. But with this bill it probably could change our faith.Filipinos are born intellectuals and I believed not dumb, Filipinos loves the culture of the Filipinos. We may say that many of the Filipinos wants to go abroad to earn dollars and live in the U.S, but they are not following the culture of the Americans or the Europeans. We love our culture our way of valuing Life, Sex ,Family, Religion, etc. The Bill is like making the Philippines like the western countries a country with liberated people, a country that devorce and abortion is legal. Filipinos never dreamt to have a culture like that, the bill is the stepping stone of bringing a western culture in the Philippines.The bill seeks to impose a hedonistic sex-oriented lifestyle that aims to reduce the conjugal act to a mere exchange of physical sensations between two individuals and marriage to a purely contraceptive partnership.Not only is it hedonistic, it is above all eugenicist. It seeks to eliminate the poor and the "socially unfit." While it neither mandates a two-child family nor legalizes abortion, it prepares the ground for both.That paragraph explains something scary for the future Filipinos. The church people are making ways to stop this Bill, Filipinos should not be naived because this Bill is a serious treat to your culture, family and Faith to God!The devil used many good programs to weaken the faith of God's loyal servants!

Why did the British Conservative Party commit itself to Ulster Unionist resistance to home rule 1912-1914?

"the formal name of the concervative party was/is the "conservative and unionist party" - originally referring to the union with Scotland but also with Ireland so their support was totally to be expected - they would have seen any threat to the union as a threat to the whole british empire" While this answer is perfectly correct, it is somewhat naive. Indeed the preservation of the Union and de facto the integrity of the British Empire was a major concern of the Conservative Party (particulalry Conservative Peers), it was by no means the only reason for the "Tories" to support Ulster resistance to Hom Rule. However it cannot be fully justified that Home Rule in Ireland would mean the break up of the Emprie given the devolved status of government for Dominions such as Canada, Australia and S. Africa. It may be argued that the Tory leader, Bonar-Law had, given his heritage and childhood links to Ulster, was a genuine advocate of Union as he viewed Union as vital for the prosperity, both politically and economically for Ulster and to a lesser extent that of the rest of the less industrialised provinces of Ireland. Opposition to Home Rule was also a unifying policy in the Tory party given their recent history of factions in support and oposition to Tariff Reform and the devestating defeats to the Liberals under the former leader Balfour. Similarly support for Ulster and the defeat of the Home Rule Bill could have had a devestating affect on the Liberal Party and lead to a new general election in which the Tories belived that given a failure of Asquith and the liberals to deliver Home Rule would afford them the opportunity to return to power in the House of Commons. Therefore support for Ulster between 1912 and 1914 on one hand was a genuine desire to preserve the Union and prospertiy of Ulster and the Empirew andon the other hand a cynical political ploy to derail the Liberal govt, irrespective of the will of the Irish majority opinion and the impact in would have on the already tentative situation in Ireland. Alan Mahon