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Factions are dangerous because of the fact that they can tear the country apart because of the conflicting view point. It is important to check the conflicting viewpoint to prevent the extremists from taking advantage.

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Factions can be a problem for multiple reasons. For one thing, it is sometimes hard to predict how they will act. Also, factions have been known to overthrow organizations and even governments.

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Q: Why are factions a problem in government?
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For James Madison, the problem associated with a tyranny of the majority was that?

large factions might capture control of the government and ignore the rights of those in the minority

According to Madison what must a government do to limit the influence of a powerful faction?

OPTIONS: limit the ability to form factions raise taxes on factions to lessen their power depend on only enlightened legislators serving in government control the influence factions have on government

What form of government offers the BEST solution to control factions?

Democracy, then factions are no longer a concern since theoretically the biggest one will always be the Government.

What are factions in government and what kind of problems can they cause?

Factions are a group of people with interests that are a like. A lot of times in government they will use legislation to protect factions. If the factions do not represent the broad political attitude of the national as a whole and they are given too many special protections it could be an issue, but that is a matter of a opinion. An example of Government protection for factions would workers rights in a job force or farmers in the country.

How does Madison propose to control factions?

Madison's solution for controlling the effects of factions was the establishment of a republican government. He argued that the powers wielded by the factions be constitutionally limited.

What is the greatest fear of popular government?

the creation of factions

Why do factions hurt government?

They are divisive and create disunity.

Federalist no. 10 Madison notes that factions are a serious problem in a republican form of government because a democracy is similar to a court What is the problem with this court?

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What are the advantages of the proposed government?

why will society always posses factions

Why can't factions be eliminated?

Factions are a right given to the people under the constitution. Factions play a part in the groups belief to improve the lifestyle of the people. Others create a life style away from the general beliefs as is their right in protest or for religious reasons. To eliminate factions is to propose a single entity of the government away from democratic ideals and into autocratic government.

What is the problem of the king not leaving an heir?

Different factions fight to take over themselves.

What factors did Madison rely on to prevent factions from gaining control of the national government?

James Madison believed that a democratic form of government, would tame the factions and cause them to work together as much as possible. Madison, in the The Federalist, argued that the federal system helps prevent factions from gaining too much control and causing tyranny of the majority