Why are masons evil?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The contention that masons are evil is a myth. Masons are a group that do charitable works throughout their respective communities. They are NOT a religion, but a fraternity. They DO NOT worship the devil, all masons MUST believe in God. They are a much maligned group.

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Some people tend to think that anything that is different from their own beliefs is evil.

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ignorance most likely

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Q: Why are masons evil?
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Are the free masons satanists?

some times i do feel they are and sometimes i don't. by listening to their acts and their history i feel. the one thing that i see clearly in them is that they are totally against God nad they even stamp the sacred things, to show that they have no faith in God. i thind that there is no thing sueh as evil in this world except the human being that has made it the evil one. i would be very happy to see the works of the free masons.

What is the population of Pinsent Masons?

Pinsent Masons's population is 2,500.

When was Pinsent Masons created?

Pinsent Masons was created in 1850.

Who are the masons and what is their purpose?

The masons are a secret society that helps out charitys.

Was president Washington free masons?

President Washington belonged to the Free and Accepted Masons who are sometimes referred to as "free masons".

Can you become great in the US without joining the masons?

Most Great Americans never joined the Masons. I have nothing against Masons, but, it is not necessary to join the Masons to become great in the USA.

How many Catholic Masons are in the US?

There are no Catholic Masons in the U.S. or elsewhere. Any Catholic who joins the Masons incurs automatic excommunication.

What type of aid can one get from pinsent masons?

"You can get all types of aid from Pinsent Masons, which includes state aid. You can check the Pinsent Masons website to determine what your needs are and if the Pinsent Masons are able to assist."

What do the free masons have to do with the Revolutionary War?

Most of the men in the founding of our nation were Masons. Washington, Franklin, Adams, Paine were all Masons. Since they were part of the founding of the United States and were involved the revolution that is what the Masons had to do with the war.

How would you use the word masons in a sentence?

Those two guys are masons.

When was Worshipful Company of Masons created?

Worshipful Company of Masons was created in 1677.

What was george masons education?

s george masons education