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S's appeared as f's in Old English. This is why many people mistake these letters as f's in old American documents like the Declaration of Independence. This style of writing and lettering emanated from old English calligraphy. In today's world, however, it is considered vintage and colonial.

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Q: Why are s's printed as f's in Old American Documents like the Declaration of Independence?
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Who was the woman that printed the Declaration of Independence?

the declaration was not printed by a woman it was made by a man sadly woman did'NT have rights to do that kind of stuff or vote it was thomas Jefferson who printed the declaration of independence he was a man

How was the Declaration of Independence distributed?

Copies of the Declaration of Independence were printed and released to the public. The Declaration was read aloud to those who could not read.

How did the Colonists get the Declaration of Independence?

America sent the Declaration of Independence to England.

Did the declaration of independence explain why the colonies broke away from great Britain?

Yep, it was our declaration of independence from Great Britain with our reasons why printed on it, that's why it's called the Declaration of Independence.

What are some big events in Independence hall IQ?

The Declaration of Independence was printed there and signed

Who printed the official copy of the decoration of independence?

It's declaration*.

Was the declaration of independence printed in newspapers for people to read?


What did John Dunlap and Mary Katherine Goddard have to do with the Declaration of Independence?

John Dunlap and Mary Katherine Goddard printed the Declaration of Independence.

What is the full name of the Declaration of Independence?

The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America. This is the new title given to the Declaration when it was printed for the second time.

What were the poster-sized copies of the Declaration of Independence printed by John Dunlap?

They were called Broadsides.

Who printed the first copy of the declaration of independence that includes the singers' name?

Thomas Jefferson

What year did the declaration of indepence was published?

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