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Because they are a martial race and are descendant of aryans and partial descendants of scythians who were very powerul people of there time and as well as pashtuns. Pashtuns have defeated two super power of there times one Britain and other Russia and even today they represent majority of Afghanistan and second largest majority of Pakistan and Pakistan which is very important nation of southeast Asia and a nuclear power pashtuns represents a big portion of its army and also virtually occupy its transport industry. Pashtuns have also a history of resisting against any foreign power.They have formidable reputation of warriors. Films from Bollywood like "KHUDAGAWAH" AND "PALLAY KHAN" are made on them which shows there braveness, there act of sacrificing there lifes for there friend, loyalty and for hospitality and assylum for all guest seeking help.Traditionally, a social code known as the Pashtunwali ("Pashtun Way") regulated the behavior of Pashtun men. The key principles of this code are honor, courage, and hospitality. Their wealth is their spirit and love of freedom. They are people possessing true warrior soul.

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Q: Why are the Pashtun people so powerful as a group?
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