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Q: Why are the rights of this state important to the state and the citizens?
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Did the Phoenicians have rights?

They had rights as citizens of their city-state.

Why was the addition of the bill of rights important to the states?

Its was important because, it guaranteed citizens freedom. he bill its self say, "The Bill of Rights". This bill make sure all the citizens had rights..

Why was the privileges and immunizations an important clause?

This has to do with the concepts in the constitution that citizens of each state are equal each other. States may not prevent citizens from their basic rights . This is part of the 14th amendment.

When citizens move from one state to another state what happens to their rights under the constitution?

their rights remain unchanged

When citizens move from state to another state what happends to therir rights under the constitution?

Their rights may increase or decrease depending on the state

Why was the English bill of rights important to the citizens?

The English Bill of Rights was important to English citizens because it enumerates certain rights to which subjectsand perminant residants of a constitutional monarchy were thought to be entitled in the late 17th century.

Do citizens of a dictatorship have rights?

NO. In a theoretical sense, all people have rights as part of the nature of their being human. However, in dictatorships, the state does not recognize these rights, so the citizens do not actually have them.

Which of the following is a state of rights guaranteed by the federal government?

B. protection for the state citizens

What were most important rights of British citizens in 1700's?

In the 1700's, British citizens had several rights including civil and political rights. They also had several economic, social, and cultural rights.

Why is the bill of rights so important American government?

It is important for citizens to know about the Bill of Rights because, the Bill of Rights is made up of the ten commandments:)

Where did William Penn's government give its citizens important rights?


Did the Magna Carta state the rights of the citizens nobles and king?