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Congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives) is the legislative branch, whose members are elected by *direct vote* (the people cast individual votes); in this way, Congress was designed to represent the citizenry (the House) and the States (the Senate); substantively, however, this isn't necessarily the case: Congressional members can only reflect the concerns of those who vote and fulfill their civic duties, or respond to fiduciary inducements from lobbyists and campaign contributors and other outside influences that skew the intentions and purpose of having a representative form of government.

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Q: Why congress is not representative of the citizens who elect them?
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What is a government in which citizens elect representative?

A Republic .

What is representative democracy?

A type of democacy in which the citizens delegate authoriy to elect representatives.

How does representative democracy work?

Citizens elect representatives to make decisions for all.

In what form of government do the citizen elect representative to exercise their political power?

This is, unsurpringly, "representative democracy".The citizens elect representatives to exercise their political power in a federal republic.

Why do citizens of the US elect representative?

Because they want to make life better for everybody

Who can elect members to the house of represenatatives?

The citizens or registered voters within a district elects a representative.

When a citizens elect representative to run a country what is it called?

because Chinese food said soo

When citizens elect representative's to run a country it is called a?

When citizens elect representatives to run a country it is called direct representation. However, when a few officials carry the election, it is known as indirect representation.

Who was the first African American representative to congress from a northern state?

In 1928 African American voters in Chicago helped elect Oscar Depriest. He was the first African American representative to congress from a northern state.

How are citizens represented in Congress?

People elect 2 senate members and representatives from their districts.

What kind of government allows citizens to elect representatives?

A democracy.

Why are constituents important to congress?

They are the people represented by a congressman (senator or representative) and a substantial number of the adult constituents are the voters that elect candidates to Congress.