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Texas had a large landmass that land hungry Americans saw as beneficial. Many Americans moved to Texas as America was moving west. At first, the Mexicans appreciated the Immigration, but it was not long before Americans decided that Texas should be free of Mexico.

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Americans were interested in settling in Texas. They reasoned that being under Mexican rule could help to get the land away from Mexico and work towards Manifest Destiny of the land.
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Mexican land grants were huge and generous.

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Because most of the settlers in the Texas region were American, who were given incentives by the Mexican government to settle the land.

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Americans were greedy for land

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Q: Why did Americans believed they should claim Texas?
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The US fought against Mexico in 1846. The US may call it the Mexican war, but many will call it the Mexican-American War. The conflict was mainly regarding the claim of Texas. Before the war, Texas was at the hands of the Mexican government. However, as Texas is many miles away from Mexico City, the Mexican government allowed American settlers on their land as to help maintain the land. More and more Americans moved in to Texas with their slaves much to Mexico's dislike. You may know about the lost war of Santa Anna where he was forced to sign the Treaties of Velasco. Basically, this treaty established the borderline between Texas and Mexico. In addition, it declared Texas as an independent republic or sovereignty of Republic of Texas. The catch is that Mexico never ratified the treaties, because the government did not recognize Santa Anna as a government representative. Thus, Santa Anna did not have the right to give away land. Now, there is a big problem. One country, Mexico, see Texas as their territory while the other recognizes Texas as an Independent Republic with ties to the US, France, and Britain. Therefore, Polk declared war stating that Mexico trespassed the US boundaries and killed fellow Americans on US territory in May 1846. A few days later, Congress passed the proposal.

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Americans believed they had the right to claim Texas because they used the Rio Grande as an unofficial border. They also felt they were entitled to the land because they had already settled and defended it.

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