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Q: Why did Americans support us intervention in the Cuban revolution?
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What were the rationales for intervention in the Spanish-American War?

To provide support for Cuban Independence.

Why did Americans support the Cuban revolution?

The main reason for the Spanish-American War and American support of Cuban rebels who wanted independence from Cuba was that Americans wanted to protect their business interest in this country. Similarly, public opinion and the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor also were other factors.

Why did the Americans take over Cuba?

soon after the Cuban revolution from Spain they needed help to get their country running as did the Philippine's. and as America began to realize that they were sort of a dictatorship over Cuba and the Philippine's they released them and claimed the two countries as U.S protectorates.

When did the Cuban Revolution end?

The Cuban Revolution ended on 1 January 1959.

When did Cuban Revolution happen?

Cuban Revolution happened on 1953-07-26.

How did yellow journalism and jingoism inluence americans' wiewa of the Cuban rebillion?

Yellow journalism and jingoism influenced AmericansÕ views of the Cuban rebellion against the Spanish Empire by portraying the Spanish as a backward empire amongst other very negative things. Public opinion regarding American intervention grew to such a fervor as to compare to the Cuban rebellion to the American Revolution and forced Congress and President William McKinley to take action.

Why did the Americans support Cuban rebels?

Americans had large investments in Cuba. They didn't want to lose all of their money, so they helped the Cubans out.

What are sme long term effects of the Cuban revolution?

The Cuban Revolution is still going on. It has been going on for 49 years.

What were the kind of guidelines modified by Cuban predilection in the Cuban revolution?

They are treated according with how the person in question behaves as an individual Cuban or not Cuban.

What Cuban poet and journalist launched a Cuban revolution in 1895?

Jose Marti

Who benefited from the Cuban revolution?

Castro and his "government" people. It was certainly not the Cuban people.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cuban-Americans - 2000?

The cast of The Cuban-Americans - 2000 includes: Chaz Mena as Narrator