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Bonifacio was not chosen as our national hero because the Americans are afraid on Bonifacio's way of liberating our country. The Americans want to colonize our country but in order to fulfill this dream there should be a man to be catapulted from below in order for us to have national hero. Our national hero serves as our idol, and as an idol we must follow his steps. The Americans chose Rizal because he is a reformist,a reformist is not a hindrance in their colonization. Since BonifaCIO is a separatist, he is a thorn in their throats. Reformist seek only for reforms but separatist seek for FREEDOM!.

_____________Viva Bonifacio!______________________________

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Andres Bonifacio is considered to be a de facto ?ænational?æhero of the Philippines. Some consider him to the first president of the country, however he was never officially the president.

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It is because he himself wanted to gain freedom from the Spaniards. He was deliberated to gain independence through the work of Jose Rizal

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Q: Why did Andres bonifacio become a hero?
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How did Andres Bonifacio become a Philippine hero?

Andres Bonifacio founded the Katipunan as a means to gain independence from Spain.

Kindly send you the story of Andres Bonifacio?

i was asking if u could send me a copy of the story of Andres bonifacio, a national hero in the Philippines?

Example of an anecdote of Andres bonifacio?

hero beacause save to people

Works of Andres bonifacio?

ano bang trabaho ni andres bonifacio.bakit cya naging hero

What were the contribution of Andres bonifacio?

andres bonifacio?

Is Andres Bonifacio a hero or a villain?

Andres Bonifacio is generally considered a hero in the Philippines for his role in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule. He founded the Katipunan, a secret society that sought independence for the country. Bonifacio's efforts and sacrifices are recognized and celebrated in Philippine history.

What are the qualities of Andres Bonifacio?

Andres Bonifacio is a Philippine national hero. His qualities include being patriotic, heroic, and brave. He is also known to be a well-loved leader with humble beginnings.

Why did rizal become the Philippine national hero not Andres bonifacio?

Because of Jose Rizal's literary woks that awaken the national consciousness and patriotism of the Filipinos...

Why Andres bonifacio considered to be a national hero?

he led an armed revolution against the Spaniards

Who has a story by Andres bonifacio?

See website: Andres Bonifacio

Why filipino people choose Jose rizal as a hero?

Rizal was never chosen by Filipinos to become a hero. It was the American government who declared him as a national hero to become a rallying focal. The real hero is Andres Bonifacio. If Rizal was not a member of an elite family, he may not be declared as national hero.

Who is Lazaro Makapagal?

He lead the troop that killed Andres Bonifacio ( Philippine Hero 1863-1897 )