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Q: Why did Debra Sampson fight in war?
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What did debra Sampson achieve?

she got to be in the war

Why did Deborah want to fight in the war?

Deborah Sampson wanted to fight in the war for her country.

What year did Debra Sampson die?

Deborah Sampson died in 1827.

How did Deborah Sampson fight in revolutionary war?

she dressed up as a man, and fought for her country.

How did Deborah Sampson fight in the revolutionary. War?

she dressed up as a man, and fought for her country.

What did Deborah Sampson care about?

Deborah Sampson cared about her country, and that's why she pretended to be a man so she could fight in the Revolutionary war for her countries freedom. And guess what,............. it definitely worked, because now, they let man and women fight in the war.

What emotions did Deborah Sampson feel about the revolutionary war?

She felt mad because she couldn't fight. This was because she was female.

What was Deborah Sampson's jobs?

Deborah Sampson worked as a teacher and later disguised herself as a man to fight in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. After the war, she became an advocate for women's rights and veterans' rights.

What side did Deborah Sampson fight on?


Who disguised herself as a man so she could fight with army?

No, It Was Deborah Sampson

Who enlisted as Robert Shurtleff?

It was Deborah Sampson who enlisted in the Continental Army as Robert Shurtliff. She did this in order to be able to fight in the American Revolutionary War.

How did Deborah Sampson contribute to American history?

first women to every take that big of a risk and dress like a women and fight in the war.