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In 1789 when Washington became president the population of the colonies was foreign born and many didn't read or write English. He felt that to keep a democracy viable that the voters and people of the counrty needed to be educated. People who are educated can think critically, understand the role of government and make sure the people who govern them follow the laws and structure of the constitution. Today we see many people who do not understand the constitution or their rights because history hasn't been taught in many schools. If a person doesn't understand their rights they can be taken away and the people in power can make decisions that are unconstitutional. A democratic government requires the people be the watch dogs of extreme use of power. These people will lie and tell half truths to gain the power they seek, but people who are educated can not be fooled.

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When Washington was president 60% of the colonies were foreign born and he knew that without education that the democracy wouldn't flourish. Education makes a level playing field and teaches people why and how the government works. Even today we still need an educated population to understand the history of the nation and how government works.

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Q: Why did George Washington feel that the general population needed to be educated?
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