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George Washington thought the British were going to attack Long Island because this was the easiest port for the troops to reach. When the Battle of Long Island did take place Washington and his troops were defeated.

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Q: Why did George Washington think the British were going to attack Long Island?
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Victory at Trenton?

George Washington had planned an attack against the british

Who led the British troops in a failed attack at Fort Necessity?

george washington

What is the hurry-cane that prevented British to attack?

who did george washington become the best general

How was George Washington dad attack?

He was attack because of George Washington

Body of water crosssed by George Washington and his troops to attack the british at Trenton?

Delaware river

Who did George Washington surprise attack on Christmas day?

George Washington decided to lead a sneak attack on the British on Christmas Eve. They crossed the Delaware River at night. The British soldiers, who had been celebrating the holiday, were all drunk or passed out. So when Washington's troops attacked on Christmas Day, the British offered little to no resistance.

Why was Lydia darragh important?

Lydia Darragh told George Washington's group about an attack that the British were planning.

Which American general used Christmas to attack enemy?

George Washington - Attacked British Troops in Trenton on Christmas Day

At which town did George Washington troops attempt a surprise attack on the british from four directions in Oct or 1777?


General Braddock and George Washington led an attack against the French at Fort duquesne?

It wasn't a British General it was General George Washington and later on he set up Fort Necessity which was later sieged by the French until George Washington surrendered.

Why was winning the battle of Trenton so important to George Washington?

This was important to George Washington because at this battle he risked everything on one bold stroke, he assumed the way he planned to attack the british was a unsure chance but since the british were drunk more then half got killed

Who does George Washington put in charge of his schooners at Boston?

Nicholson Broughton was put in charge of several schooners to attack the British in Boston. What is known as George Washington's Navy. It is what is known as America's first Navy.