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He was probally paid to.

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he was hired to

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Q: Why did Goya paint The Family of Carlos IV?
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What message was Goya trying to send through The Family of Carlos Iv?

not sure

When was the painting The Family of Carlos IVcreated?

The painting of "Family of Carlos IV" was painted by Francisco Goya in 1800 and consisted of oil on canvas.

What is the subject matter of the artwork if any for the Family of Carlos IV?

Carlos IV and his family

How does the painting The family of Carlos IV contribute to art history?

It's an important historical record. Before the advent of photography, paintings like Goya' portraits were the main source for images of current events.

What was The Family of King Carlos IV subject matter?

His Family.

How many people were in the portrait with Charles iv and his family painted by francisco jose de goya?


What is the subject of matter of The Family of Carlos Iv if any?

His family. I GO TO ORCA TOO!

What is Francisco Goya's most famous art work?

For me it is either The Third of May, 1808 or Charles IV and His Family..

What message is Goya trying to send in Charles and the family IV?

he was trying to make the point that what Napoleon was doing was wrong

What do you feel is good or not so good in this artwork of the family of King Carlos IV?

i feel that its good beacuse he wanted to paint what he saw and not anything in his imganation about the family. i dont see how that painting could bebad ... hope this helps :)

Is there people objects a place or event shown in The Family of Carlos IV?


What is the subject matter of the artwork if any for the painting The Family of Carlos IV?

It was the 13 people in the painting