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He didn't consider slavery wrong. He owned slaves and had a slave mistress who gave him 6 children. Most of the founding fathers owned slaves.

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Q: Why did Jefferson not include an attack on slavery when writing the DEcalraion of Independence?
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Why did thomas Jefferson not include an attack on slavery when wrotong declaration of independence?

He didn't consider slavery wrong. He owned slaves and had a slave mistress who gave him 6 children.

What african americans hoped would end as a result of the Declaration of Independence?

They hope that the declaration of independence by Thomas Jefferson would end slavery.

How did the war of indepenance affect slavery in the united states?

The War For Independence led to the Declaration of Independence which omitted Jefferson's condemnation of slavery.

Why did Thomas Jefferson want to include the passage about condemning slavery in the Declaration of Independence if he was a slaveholder?

Thomas Jefferson was a radical thinker. Indeed, he had slaves, but he knew that since the colonists wanted independence, the slaves would too. He did not think of the slaves as animals, but as people. Yes, he had many of them, but that was the expectation of a wealthier person in that time.

What was the position of Thomas Jefferson regarding slavery?

he had slaves but wanted to end slavery when they were writing the declaration of independence. unfortunately his paragraph about slavery was not included.

Did Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence to free slaves?

NO, the Declaration of Independence does not discuss slavery. It was written to declare the American states free and independent of the British Empire.

What controversial issue was mentioned in the Declaration of Independence that was omitted from the final draft?

slavery. Jefferson thought that slaves should be set free and slavery was morally wrong. However, the delegates from the southern states would not sign the declaration unless the clause on slavery was removed. Eventually, Jefferson conceded and it was removed.

What does the Bill of Rights say about slavery?

The Bill of Rights makes no mention of slavery nor does the Constitution.

What if the Declaration of Independence had condemned slavery?

Yes the course of American history would have changed significantly if the declaration OF independence had included Jefferson's statement. Slavery would have ended earlier and people wouldn't have to suffer. I honestly think people life would have been much better, if they included slavery or put an end to it at that time. It might have changed America in so many ways. Thomas Jefferson Statement was to end slavery bat some states didn't agree with him, because they lived on slavery.

Why do you think that thomas Jefferson wrote a paragraph about slavery when he wrote the declaration of independence?

Thomas was special because he was 3rd president and he wrote the Decleration of Indipendince.

What are synonyms and antonyms for independence?

Synonyms include freedom, liberty, autonomy, or sovereignty.Antonyms include servitude, slavery, control, bondage, repression, or captivity.*Independence from bias can have the synonyms nonpartisanship, objectivity, nonalignment or neutrality.

Which idea of the Declaration of Independence change people's view of slavery?

Nothing in the Declaration changed people's minds on slavery. It was a letter to the king telling why they were declaring independence. Most of the 44 men who signed it were slave owners including Jefferson who wrote it.