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Josiah Franklin moved to America because he was the third in his family to become a dyer and there wasn't enough work in England. He left Banbury, England with his family in 1683. Benjamin Franklin said there were also religious reasons for the family's move.

Franklin's Father Josiah: Life of a Colonial Boston ..., Volume 90, Part 3 By Nian-Sheng Huang

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Q: Why did Josiah Franklin come to America?
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Who was Benjamin Franklin's father?

Benjamin Franklin's father was Josiah Franklin.

Who was ben Franklins father?

Josiah Franklin

What is Benjamin Franklin the father of?

Josiah Franklin

What is Benjamin Franklin's dads name?

Josiah Franklin

What is Benjamin Franklin's dad's name?

Josiah Franklin

Where did Josiah Franklin die?

Josiah Franklin died in pickle land land that was owned by an old man named jenkins

Who was Benjamin father?

Benjamin Franklin's father was Josiah Franklin.

Who was Ben Franklin's mother and father?

Josiah and Abiah Folger Franklin.

Who are Benjamin Franklin's parents?

Benjamin Franklin's parents were: Josiah Franklin and Abiah Franklin. They were both English.

What was Benjamin Franklin's father's name?

He was the son of Josiah Franklin.For more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

What is Benjamin's dad's name?

Josiah Franklin

What was Benjamin Franklin mom and dad names?

Josaih Franklin born: Ecton Northamptonshire married: Abiah Folger on July 9th 1689 Abiah Folger born: Nantucket, Massachusetts, on August 15, 1667 married: Josiah Franklin on July 9th 1689 Sorry I couldn't give you more info!