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Merchant Lyte orders a sugar basin from Mr. Lapham because Mr. Lapham was the original designer of the sugar basin.

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Q: Why did Merchant lyte order silver from Mr Lapham?
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What does merchant lyte accuse johnny of?

stealing his silver cup

Why does johnny revisit merchant lyte shortly after the trial?

Hedecided to meet him to show him the silver cup that he had. Which would mean Johnny's related to Merchant Lyte

What accusation does merchant lyte make toward johnny?

he ac used Johnny of stealing the silver cup

What does johnny expect to happen when he tell Merchant lyte bout his cup?

Johnny expects that Merchant Lyte would take him in and accept him as a relative, but expect he is accused for stealing Merchant Lyte's cup in August

In the book Johnny Tremain what punishment does merchant lyte request for johnnys crime?

Merchant Lyte requests that Johnny be hanged for his crime of theft. He seeks the strictest punishment possible, as he wants to make an example out of Johnny for supposedly stealing his cup.

Why does johnny learn about his family history?

that he is Merchant Lyte's nephew

What is Johnny Tremain's family tree?

Johnny Tremain's family tree includes his parents, Mrs. and Mr. Lyte, his grandfather's family, with his deceased parents, and his uncle Mr. Lapham, Mrs. Lapham, and their daughters, Cilla and Isannah.

How is Johnny Tremain and Merchant Lyte related?

i do belive johnny tremain and merchant lyte have the same relation because johnnys mother and father are related

Is there really a merchant Lyte from Johnny Tremain?

Yes he was real and then assinated

In Johnny Tremain why does Johnny feel guilty about watching Lavinia Lyte from afar?

Johnny feels guilty because he sees that Lavinia is beautiful but he still likes Cilla. At the end of the book, he feels guilty because he finds out that Lavinia is actually his cousin, because Johnny's mother Vinny Lyte was Merchant Lyte's sister. Merchant Lyte is the father of Lavinia.

How is Johnny acceptedon his first visit to Merchant Lyte's?

he doesnt like it at all

What is the difference between the book and movie of Johnny Tremain?

Mr. Lyte wants the pottery done instead of Adams. Cilla is the only Lapham girl in the movie. The others are in the book.