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he hired many dishonest people

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Q: Why did President Grant have so many problems?
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Why were there so many scandals in President Grant's presidency?

He appointed dishonest people to his cabinet.

Which branch of government can pardon people?

The Executive branch of government is the only branch that can grant pardons and reprieves, under Article 2, of the United States Constitution. Only the President has the ability to grant pardons and reprieves in the Executive branch.

Which president's first two initials were US?

U.S. Grant is the one. His name was really Hiram Ulysses Grant, but when he went to West Point. a mistake was made by the man who nominated him, and he became Ulysses S. Grant. He never bothered to have it changed so his name in the army was Ulysses S. Grant.

What was the grant administration scandals?

In march 12 1838, a big situation occurred The septemchanecells in the atmosphere were turning a grayish color which alerted many citizens, president Lincoln ordered the government to tell citizens to not panic, yet, for some reason they did, so Lincoln hired a group of men to make speeches in Getty square to citizens to calm them down, this group of men were called the Scandalous Grant Administration. and after that they continued to give speeches during situations to calm citizens down. SO basically, they were a group of men that gave speeches during situations to calm citizens down.

Why has the EOP grown so rapidly since its creation?

Every president has reorganized it, adding new agencies or expanding existing ones in response to the problems for the day. Some problems facing the Nations industrial society are so complex, presidents have wanted experts available to advise them about issues related to those problems. Many huge federal programs require executive departments and agencies to work together.

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Did Ulysses S. Grant do military service?

Ulysses S Grant was a famous general who later became President; so yes, he did military service.

Can the governor grant reprieve?

A governor can grant a reprieve in cases brought under the state laws. If the crime is a Federal crime, the governor does not have that ability, only the President can do so.

Why were there so many scandals in President Grant's presidency?

He appointed dishonest people to his cabinet.

Does Ulysses S. Grant die in US Civil War?

I don't believe so, because he was president sometime after Lincoln, who was president during the civil war.

Use the word grant in a sentence?

They were given a grant to start the clinic of $250,000.We were granted special permissions to enter.

Why did framers grant congress sole power to declare war?

Because war was necessary for us to become a nation in the first place.

What might have prevented US President Lincoln to not appoint US Grant to lieutenant general?

US President Lincoln was cautious to a critical mass. Knowing all too well that former general McClellan was a political general, Lincoln investigated if Grant had any political aspirations. Grant did not, so that cleared the way for his promotion.

What grant home repair is the cheapest?

There are many grant home repairs. The grant home repair is a grant which doesn't have a price, so therefore it cannot be cheap. It's not a product that you purchase.

Have any US Presidents ever died of cancer If so how many and who were they?

Only one president has died from cancer and that is Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant. He had cancer in the throat. Other presidents have had cancer but have not died.

Why were there so many scandals during President Grant's presidency?

He gave jobs to dishonest people.

Why would there be problems between president Adams and vice president Jefferson?

They ran against each other so naturally there were bitter feelings

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