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He was a Mason, as were many other "Founding Fathers" of the USA.

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Because he was a Mason

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Q: Why did President Washington wear a Masonic apron to the cornerstone laying of the Capitol Building?
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Who laid the cornerstone for the capitol and in what year?

The Capitol's cornerstone was laid by President George Washington. This was done in a ceremony held on September 18, 1793.

Who laid cornerstone for the capital?

If you refer to the US Capitol building, that would be George Washington during a Masonic cornerstone ceremony.

What year was the cornerstone laid for the capitol building?

The cornerstone for the capitol building was laid on September 18, 1793.

Who laid the cornerstone of the US Capitol?

George Washington

Does the president live in the capitol?

The president lives in the white house in Washington D.C. and has his office there. The capitol is an entirely separate building.

Did the Masons Build DC?

Freemasons were indeed involved in the architecture, cornerstone-laying and building of Washington, D.C. . There were also many non-Masons who were also part of building this Capitol of The United States.

When did they start building the capitol building?

On September 18, 1793, President George Washington, along with eight other Freemasons dressed in masonic regalia, laid the cornerstone.

Where did President Jefferson give his First Inaugural Speech?

West front of US Capitol in Washington, DC

Where is the inauguration for president?

US presidents are inaugurated at the US Capitol building in Washington, DC. Recent inaugurations have been held on the steps in front of the building. Some of the past inaugurations were held inside the building.

Who was the first president to take oath and deliver his address at the Capitol Building in Washington DC?

presedent Abraham lichon

Who holds their meetings in the Capitol building in Washington DC?

Congress meets in the US Capitol building.

Where do congress meet?

the congress meats in Washington d.c.