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They actually weren't stones, but cobblestones. Cobblestones are shaped stone in squares and put together in a set pattern and measured . The road was leveled and the stones set in sand.

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Concrete was used for the stone-paved road (via munita). It was used to fill the spaces between the stones to help keep them in place and to produce a flat surface. These roads were built to resist rain, freeze and flooding and to need as little repair as possible. The network of stone paved roads around the Roman Empire reached 80,500 kilometres (50,313 miles) which was 20% of the 400,000 kilometres (250,000 miles) of the total network of Roman roads in the empire.

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No, the Romans did not use concrete to build roads. They called the stone built roads viae.

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Q: Why did Romans use stones in their roads?
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What did the Romans use a groma for?

Romans use the Groma to buils the roads. The roads that are made by Romans are straight. The Groma makes the roads straight

What stones do you use to surface roads with?

a book to stones do you uas to surace roads with

What is the origin of milestone?

The idea of milestones is an old one. When the ancient Romans built roads across Europe, they placed special stones at the sides of the roadways at regular intervals. Travelers could use these stones as identifiers to mark their progress.

What did the Romans use Roads for?

to get places like you and me [you know they were not retards]

What did the Romans introduce to us that you still use now?


Why did the Romans pave their roads?

What the Romans are famous for is the building of paved roads. What you mean by the Romans being civilised about roads is difficult to understand.

Who invented the freeway system?

The Romans. They had the first systems of connecting paved roads that connected cities, states, countries within the Roman Empire. Parts of the roads still exist and can been seen today. The roads were built by engineers and the roads were very well done with paving stones.

Which rocks did the Romans use to build roads?

The Roman engineers created roads that went through natural obstacles rather than around them wherever possible. A Roman road consisted of two parallel trenches and a well drained core. Packed small stones were the foundation and the drainage system was the best the ancient world had ever seen. Layers of concrete and cement and concrete gravel made the roads durable. The top layer was made of gravel, packed stones and paving stones.

What did the Inca use to build their roads?

The Inca built their roads using a technique called "ushnu," which involved fitting irregular stones tightly together without the use of mortar. These roads were constructed primarily for military and administrative purposes, connecting various parts of the Inca Empire.

What did the Romans leave behind in France that were very useful?

Roads and aqueducts were abandoned in France and remained in use for years after the Romans left.

How did the Romans invent roads?

The Romans did not "invent" roads. Roads wee around hundreds of years before Rome existed. What they did do is greatly improve them and build many more roads than had previously existed.

What did the romans use to build roads?

They used pounded earth. also... : They were the first ones after the Assyrians to use concrete. They had layer upon layers. Started with earth, then dirt, then limestone, and then concrete and closely put together pavement stones to make the ground/road level.