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Southern Planters apposed the tariff of 1816 because it made products more expensive. It made cheap English products around the same price as American ones to protect American manufacturing. Due to the rise in prices the South apposed this tariff because it only made losses for them due to their majority of agriculture as a method of making money.

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It increased the price of manufactured goods.

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Southern planters objected to the protective tariff of 1816 because it increased the cost of manufactured goods. They objected on the basis that it caused them to lose money.

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Q: Why did Southern planters object to the protective tariff of 1816?
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How did the protective tariff of 1828 affect southern planters?

The Tariff of 1828 was intended to protect Northern industry from a flood of cheap British goods dumped on the US market after the War of 1812. However, this measure directly hurt Southern planters who had to pay higher prices for goods they couldn't make themselves, at the same time they were selling less cotton to England.

Southern planters objected to the tariff because it?

The southern states were opposed to the tariff of 1828 because it raised prices on imported goods, which the southern states could not produce on their own, and it hurt trade with England, which the southern states depended upon. The southern states blamed the tariff for favoring the northern industrial economy over southern agriculture.

The southern economy was hurt by this protective tariff because?

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What is a tax placed on goods from another country to protect the home industry?

protective tariff

Who opposed the '' Tariff of Abominations''?

Vice Presiden John C. Calhoun, along with various southern states, opposed the tariff, believing it to be unconstitutional, favoring one sector of the economy over another. They felt the protective features on tariffs were harmful to southern agrarian interests.

What was the high tariff to limit foreign competition?

A high tariff to limit foreign competition is called a protective tariff.

How might a country react to another country's protective tariff?

Sometimes a country suffering from a protective tariff will enact a tariff of its own on a product.

What was the nickname that southerns gave to a protective tariff they opposed?

Tariff of abominations

What was High tariff to limit foreign competition?

A high tariff that limits foreign competition is a protective tariff.

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