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because he wanted to unify the industrial north and the agricultural south more than they were, so it would discourage further secession of southern states. by trying to link their economies by the railroad, it would be harder for the south to secede since it would be dependent on the north's market, and in turn the north would be dependent to get its raw materials from the south.

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Q: Why did Stephen Douglas want a transcontinental railroad?
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Where did stephen douglas want a railroad to the pacific to start?

Stephen Douglass wanted the Transcontinental/Pacific Railroad to run through Illinios.

Where Did Stephen Douglas want a railroad to the Pacific to the start?

Stephen Douglass wanted the Transcontinental/Pacific Railroad to run through Illinios.

Where did Stephen Douglas want the eastern end of the transcontinental railroad Why was this a problem?

Stephen Douglas, one of the railway's chief promoters, wanted a northern route via Chicago, but that would take the rail lines through the unorganized Nebraska territory, which lay north of the 1820 Missouri Compromise line where slavery was prohibited.

Why did the Americans want a transcontinental railroad?

Americans wanted a transcontinental railroad to aid westward expansion. Settlers were looking for land, and the discovery of gold in California also encourage travel.

Did Indians attack the transcontinental railroad?

Yes,the Native Americans or American Indians attacked the transcontinental Railroad because since they didn't want the white workers to take over their land AGAIN,they wanted to protect their land and started to attack (rip up the railroad tracks and attack the workers)

Why did Stephen A. Douglas change his name?

He didn't want to be confused with Frederick Douglass.

What did they eat on the transcontinental railroad?

I don't know what they ate give me an easier question.

What did Stephen Douglas want out of the Lincoln Douglas debate?

He wanted to get elected, by proving his moderately-democratic position was best for Illinois and the Nation.

How would a girl have lived in a Transcontinental Railroad work camp?

i have no idea if this is a girl reading this i have no idea girlfriend if its a boy why do u want to know

Was Stephen Douglas anti or pro slavery?

He felt neutral about the issue but didn't want them to have equal rights.

What was the belief of Stephen A. Douglas regarding slavery in the territories?

Douglas was generally against slavery but as a populist, he believed that the people of a state or territory should decide (popular sovereignty). He was a leading proponent of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which led to further violence on both sides of the issue.

Why was the transcontinental railroad built?

In 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act to build the transcontinental railroad because as he said: "The country is split in two - the east and the west - because it takes months of dangerous travel to get from coast to coast. The country wants to be united. The eastern businessmen want to sell their goods to those in the west and buy goods from Asia. The westerners want to sell their material to those in the east."