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Amendment XXIII (23) to the Constitution, proposed by Congress on June 17, 1960, and ratified by the states on March 29, 1961, gave DC the right to vote in presidential elections. It now has three electoral votes, the same as Montana, Delaware, Vermont, and several other small states.

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When the Constitution was ratified, there was no city of Washington. After the capital moved there, the city grew but it was many years before DC had an appreciable permanent population. The vast bureaucracy of government workers, military personnel and lobbyists now living in Washington is of relatively recent vintage. Also, a large number of ex-slaves had no place to go when the Civil War ended and so came to DC for relief.

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Q: Why did Washington DC not have electoral votes before?
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What non-state has electoral votes?

The non- state with electoral votes is the District of Columbia (DC)

Where does the extra three electoral votes come from?

Washington D.C.

How many electoral votes did Barack Obama receive in Washington?

In 2008: Barack Obama received 11 electoral votes from Washington, receiving 1,750,848 votes to John McCain's 1,229,216 votes.In 2012: Washington's 12 electoral votes have not yet been allocated. Projections indicate that Obama will likely receive these 12 electoral votes.

Why couldn't residents of Washington DC before 1961 vote in presidential elections?

The district did not have any votes in the electoral college.

How does Washington DC have electoral votes when it is not a state?

Because of the 23rd amendment to the constitution.

Which amendment allowed Washington DC to have a minimum number of electoral votes?

The 23rd Amendment.

Are Residents of Washington DC are now able to vote for electors for the president?

Yes. DC has 3 electoral votes.

How many electorrs does Washington DC have?

The number of electoral votes for each state is equal to the sum of its number of Senators and its number of Representatives. Based on the 2010 Census, Washington has 12 electoral votes.

How many electoral votes in the state of Washington?

Washington DC gets 3 electoral votes.D.C. gets THREE electoral votes as if it were a state, but will never get more than the least populous state.Source: The Constitution of the United States, Amendment XXIII

Did Barack Obama win washington's electoral votes?

In the U. S. Presidential Election of 2008, Barack Obama received all three of the votes from Washington DC and all 11 of the votes from the State of Washington.

How many votes did Hillary Clinton get from Washington DC?

Hillary Clinton received 282,830 votes to Donald Trump's 12,723 votes, winning the District of Columbia's 3 electoral votes.

How many votes did Donald Trump get from Washington DC?

Donald Trump received 12,723 votes to Hillary Clinton's 282,830 votes, losing the District of Columbia's 3 electoral votes.