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he needed to keep control of england because otherwise english people might do silly things and cause chaos. to prevent this william introduced the feduel system, built castles and lots more.

by the way this may be wrong!!! sos

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he thought he was the strongest of all the others

apparently Harold godwinson swore that William could anyway

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*I need the awnser NOW

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Q: Why did William need to control England?
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How William 1 you took control of England?

he conquered England hence William the conquer

Did Edward have control over England Before William?


How did church help William the conqueror control England?

He used it to pacify and control the people.

How did William the Conqeuror keep control of England?

He used force

Why did William build a feudal system?

William created the feudal system to keep control of England

How did King William gain social control of England?

King William is also known as William the Conqueror. He took control of the country in 1066 and ruled until 1087.

What did William the conqueror build to control England?

castels made of wood

What did william do to control england?

william fought with harold because harold had to go to londonn road when harold was in the way

Why did William use castles or terror to control England?

Because it had more force and power over the people of England

Did William the 1st have a son that took over the throne?

William I of England (who originally came from Normandy) was also known as William the Conqueror, seizing control of England in 1066. He did have a son that succeeded him, his third son, who became William II.

William of the orange fought to free England from spanish control true or false?


What was religion like before William the Conqueror came in control of England?

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