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congress needed a document to declare why the colonists had to become independent of Britain

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Q: Why did congress need a document like a declaration of independence?
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How is the document called declaration of sentiment like the Declaration of Independence?

Both list wrongs that had been done to people

What is a sentence using the word document?

Do you have the correct document for entry to this country? I would like to document your responses. The Declaration of Independence is a history-changing document.

How can WE change the Declaration of Independence to read all men and women were created equal?

We the People cannot, nor would we ever want to, change the wording of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration is not a governing document that can be amended like the Constitution. It is a letter from the Founders to the King of Britain.

Who wrote the Decleration of Independes?

The Declaration of Independence was written by a young lawyer named Thomas Jefferson. The document was reviewed and corrected by Ben Franklin and other Patriots before being finally written down as a formal document.

What is a federal document?

Federal documents are any documents produced by the federal government. Often though the federal documents refer to the founding document like the declaration of independence and the constitution.

How was the declaration of independents made?

Richard Henry Lee sent a resolution urging the Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to declare independence. Drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written by Thomas Jefferson and approved by the committee formed to draft a declaration of independence. The Continental Congress then debated and revised the Declaration of Independence and approved the final draft on July 4, 1772.

Did the Declaration of Independence help the colonists realize it was good to fight for there independence?

At first the Declaration of Independence was the Colonists way of fighting. The declaration set certain laws of how the Government and the people should act. But they did go into war with the British. Another important document that helped is the Constitution. if you would like to learn more about this go Hope my answers were helpful!

What was written first the declaration o independence the articles of confederation or the us constitutions?

The Declaration of Independence, in 1776; then the Constitution, becoming effective in 1789

How is the document called the Sentiments of Independence like the Declaration of Independence?

Both list wrongs that had been done to people

Why was the Second Continental Congress more like a government than the first?

Mainly their deeds, they formed an armed force, came up with the declaration of independence, and articles of confederation

What was the declaration of the independence?

The Declaration of Independence was a document adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, declaring the thirteen American colonies independent from British rule. It outlined the principles of individual rights, government by consent, and equality that inspired the American Revolution and served as the foundation for the United States of America. The document was primarily drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

What is the Difference between The declaration of independence and the Texas one?

The Declaration of Independence, signed in 1776, was a document adopted by the American colonies, declaring their independence from British rule. It outlined grievances against the King and asserted the rights of the people. The Texas Declaration of Independence, signed in 1836, declared Texas's independence from Mexico. While both declarations sought independence, the Texas Declaration emphasized the right to self-government and protection of slavery, which reflected the unique circumstances and concerns of the Texas settlers.