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It was a more central location & a better location to trade goods also increased the distance from attack by the British. The population was moving westward too.

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Because there was higher elevation for the plantation, Fresher water, more centeral America

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for ships to dock

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Q: Why did did the capital Williamsburg move to Richmond?
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When did Virginia's capital move from Williamsburg to Richmond?

williamsburg moved to Richmond in 1780

Is Williamsburg the capital of Virginia?

{| |- | Not at this point in time. It was the capital and the colonial buildings are still in existence and can be visited in Colonial Williamsburg. Today the capital is Richmond. |}

What was the capital of Virginia befor Richmond?


Was williamsburg the capital of Virginia?

It became the Capital in about 1698, and moved to Richmond in 1780.

Why did Virginia capital moved from williamsburg Richmond because?

well williamsburg seemed also a little swampy like Jamestown so they decided to move it to Richmond..well Richmond was easier to get to for many people so that's another reason and Richmond was even more inland than the 2 other places

Why was the capital moved from Richmond to Jamestown?

Actually it was the other way around. It moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg and then to Richmond. Richmond was the capital in the civil war so it stayed there.

What was originally Virginia's capital?

It started as Jamestown then it moved to Williamsburg then to Richmond.

Why did VA capital move to Richmond?

To prevent attacks by, British, Eastern Woodland indians and other close-by enemies.

What was the capital of the Virginia colony?

The first capital of Virginia was Jamestown in 1607. Then it became Williamsburg in 1699. Then it became Richmond in 1780.

What was the Virginia town that became the capital of the colony after Jamestown?

Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What used to be the capital of Virginia but now isn't?

It was Jamestown and moved to Williamsburg then to Richmond

Besides Richmond Va what was the other capital of the Confederate States of America?

Williamsburg, VA