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They could be paid lower wages


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Q: Why did factories readily employ women and children?
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During World War 2 the Federal Government allocated millions of dollars for child care programs throughout the US because?

women were working in factories and needed help caring for their children.

What jobs do women do at home during wartime?

AnswerBefore the war women were homemakers. But with most of the men serving their country in war, women replaced their jobs.Young women becamce nurses (with basic medical training). Many worked on the farms, bringing in the harvest and keeping the farm going. Many women worked in factories and other government departments. Demand for stenographers, telephone operators, telegraphers, book-keepers and cashiers increased and were filled in by women.When the men left to go to war women had to take the men's places. Some of the jobs they done included; working in shell/ammunition factories, post women, some women went to war, but they weren't fighting instead they were cooking meals or nursing, some women began working on farms as well.When men returned from war most women returned to what they were doing before men left. This was mainly cooking, cleaning, and looking after their children.

Instead of focusing on the natural rights argument what argument was made by women suffragists?

Women were more morally fit to fight corruption

How did women's opportunities increase in the eighteen hundreds?

Women's opportunities increased in the 1800s because women were allowed to work in factories. This allowed them to earn money and increase their ability to live well.

What did women do before they could vote?

Women did a lot, just as they do today. They took care of their children, went to school, and worked, among many other things.

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In factories that mainly employ women today can you find out what percentage of men or women hold the best paying job?


What children and women used to preferred in the factories?

They were difficult to replace

How many Women and children worked in factories in 1900?


How many women and children worked in factories in the 1900?


Who did most the work in northern factories?

women :) women always feeded children and there families as always

In the Industrial Revolution in factories who worked more women children or men?

children because that is who they could afford. children would work for less that women and men

What type of people worked in the northern factories?

women :) women always feeded children and there families as always

Who were the new workers in factories during World War 1?

Women AND Children

Most of the workers in textile factories in the 1820s were?

Young girls.

Where did the bulk of the manpower come from to work in the many new factories?

Immigrants, women, and children.

What were jobs for women in the 1700's?

in the 1700- 1840s women could work in cotton factories along with men and children.

Why did entire families work in the new factories?

Families worked together as a family unit in factories only at the very beginning of the industrial revolution. This is many because before factories there was the cottage system where families worked close together, and so factories wanted to employ the same system. After the child labor laws were put into play then the factories would stop hiring children, and women at this time had a hard time finding work because of the sexual division of labor that was seen during the industrial revolution.