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King George III needed funds to pay for the artillery used in the French and Indian War. He didn't have them, so he taxed the colonies for something they weren't even a part of. King George taxed the colonists because he felt that he was always there to protect the colonists with his army and all that stuff, so he decided that the colonists should pay him back. The colonists got really mad and some decided that they would not buy the things that King George put taxes on.

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Q: Why did great Britain decide to tax the 13 colonies?
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What did great Britain's decision to tax the American colonies on imported goods cause the colonists to do?

write the declaration of independence and separate from great Britain.

Britan had the right to tax the colonies?

No. Britain didn't have the right to tax the colonies

Did british imperial policies change after 1793?

Yes. Great Britain's imperial policy taxed the American Colonies with unrepresented taxes such as: the Salt tax, the Sugar Tax, a tax on imported goods, and so forth. The colonies didn't like that at all, and rebelled and boycotted, and formed groups such as the Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty, who tried to convince Great Britain to stop taxing them. Eventually, it worked, and and Great Britain stopped most of these taxes

Why did Britain tax the colonies and what was there reaction?

They tax the colonies because they were in debt for sending their troops to protect the western lands.

Why did Britain begin to heavily tax the colonies?


Why did Britain's government tax colonies?

to make more money

What did great Britain tried to tax the colonies with?

they taxed everyone because the french and indian war cost so much

Why did Britain begin taxting or trying to tax the colonies?

to raise money

What rights did the Declaratory Act give Great Britain over the colonies?

The Declaratory Act of 1766 stated that Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies "in all cases". ;) L.M.A

Why did the great Britain decide to tax the colonists?

To get more money! Also because they wanted to open up a new experience to see how it will affect the government

The purpose of British Declaratory act of 1766?

the declaratory act declared that briten had the right to tax the colonies.

Why did Great Britain enact the sugar act the stamp act the declaratory act and the Townshend acts and why did the colonists oppose these?

because after the french and Indian war Britain was in mayor debt so they decided that the colonies were a subject to Britain since they enjoyed Britain's proteccions therefore they decided to tax them or gain money by taxing the colonies so they could pay their debt. it was really unfair but after the colonies protested against taxation without representation and since William pitt of parliament agreed with them the stamp act was repealed or taken away.