Why did latium grow grapes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they grow grapes beacuse they want to make wine

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Q: Why did latium grow grapes?
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Why did the people of Latium grow grapes?

Simple, people of Latium love eating grapes so they grow more grapes so they can enjoy the delicious fruit of theirs

Whats the name of the bush that grapes grow on?

Grapes grow on a vine

Why do grapes with seeds naturally grow bigger than seedless grapes?

Because in seedless grapes, there is no hormone (which is within the seed) to tell the grapes to grow more.

How do you grow grapes in Ohio?

putting seed of grapes

Do they grow grapes in Italy?

grapes grow in the winter and get harvested in summer

Haw grow green grapes?

The best way to grow green grapes will depend on your location and zone. Green grapes need well cultivated soil and full sun to grow in.

What season do grapes grow in India?

grapes will ripen from June till September depending on climate and variety Grapes grow best in a Mediterranean climate.

Does a grape come from a tree or grow from a tree?

Grapes grow on vines, not trees. The plant that grapes grow on is called a grapevine.

What do they grow in Italy?


Why are grapes able to grow in certain areas ofthe northeast?

why are grapes able to grow in certain areas in the northeast

Do grapes grow in deserts?

I think they do grow in deserts

What are the most popular grapes to grow in northern Vermont?

green grapes