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There were probably a number of reasons, depending upon the circumstances of the individual, but the main reasons were that the individual was not unhappy with the circumstances of his life and, as a British subject, felt a strong sense of loyalty to Britain and the king.

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Q: Why did loyalist oppose independence from Britain?
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What was it called when a colonist is not sure to declare independence from Britain?

A Loyalist

What are the definitions of a patriot and a loyalist?

A Patriot was someone who wanted independence from Britain. A Loyalist wanted to remain as a British colony.

How can you use loyalist in a sentence?

That loyalist will certainly oppose our revolution.

What were the major positions among colonists concerning independence?

There were three major positions among colonists concerning independence were the loyalist, Patriots, and Neutrals. The Loyalist wanted to remain under the rule of Britain. The patriot wanted to independence from British rule.

Did loyalist oppose independence?

Loyalists opposed independence because they were still loyal to England and the king, even once they left. They believed that England still ruled them so they stayed loyal.

Why did some people in the Low Country of South Carolina tend to oppose independence from Great Britain?

some were trading partners with Great Britain

Did loyalist support Britain?

they were loyal to Britain.

What did the loyalist do in the war of independence?

Loyalists were American Colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain. Ben Franklin had a son who was the Royal Governor of New Jersey.

Who was on loyalist side?

The Loyalists were people in the American colonies that remained loyal to Britain instead of accepting the views of American independence. Loyalists include people who had ties to the king of Britain, such as judges or governors.

Did the loyalist sign the declaration of independence?


Which of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were loyalists?

What is meant by "loyalist" here? At this time a loyalist was any colonialist who was against breaking away from Great Britain, desiring to stay loyal to their nation. By signing the Declaration of Independence, one was publicly stating one's desire and right to establish a nation separate from Great Britain. There were those who may have started off as a loyalist and later became a rebel (or Patriot as they are now known), but by signing that document you were publicly stating that you were not loyal to the crown (your allegiance and obedience were no longer to it). Thus, no actual signers could be considered a loyalist at the time they signed it.

What were colonists called who supported independence from Britain called?

These people were called a loyalist or Tory.