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The north supported tariffs because it protected their industries and factories. Since the economy of the north was based off of their type of production, they wanted people to buy goods from them, not foreign markets.

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Q: Why did northerners support tariffs?
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Who liked tariffs and why?

The northerners and it was because they didn't have to ship goods in.:)

Why was the commerce compromise passed?

Southerners and Northerners were feuding over the government's tariffs and the Commerce Compromise was born.

What did northerners demand as protection against cheaper foreign goods?

Northerners demanded tariffs be implemented as protection against cheaper foreign goods. A tariff is simply a tax on exports or imports.

What party did the northerners tend to support because they did not fear a strong federal government?

Northerners tended to support the Federalists while southerners and westerners tended to support the Democratic-Republicans.

Did northerners support john brown?


What did Cleveland's position on tariffs and what did he do to support that stand?

what was cleveland position on tariffs and what did he do to promote this poistion

Why did northerners support wilmot proviso and the south did not?


Did Jefferson support protective tariffs?


Who benefited most from the tariffs of 1828 and 1832?

Northerners who would experience increased industrial growth because of a decrease in British imports.

What kind of tariffs did the North support?

high tariff

Why did the west support the tariffs during the antebellum period?

Because it was the South that mostly needed the imports that the tariffs were levied on.

Why did northerners favor protective tariffs?

To reduce competition from foreign grain producers. Northern America industrialists increase the demand for American. This is for manufactured goods.