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Contrary to the glorified version of Washington as we know him to be, he was actually a greedy man who valued land higher than life. He proved this when he was rewarded with vast amounts of land after he saved a couple hundred men from General Braddock's army's defeat. By taking the land he gave up the respect of many because the surviving soldiers were given nothing for their efforts.

He managed to turn this around when he was chosen to lead the colonial army through the American Revolution, which even through the bleakest of moments, he was able to emerge victorious.

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Q: Why did people feel Washington was failing as a leader of the continental army and how did he prove them wrong?
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Was George Washington was the leader of the Anti-Federalists.?

George Washington was not the leader of the Anti-Federalists. George Washington did not believe that the people and politicians should be divided into specific parties.

Did the US respect George Washington?

George Washington was viewed by the Americans people as an honest leader and hero of the Revolution.

How did George Washington feel about leading Continental Army?

He felt proud that he was protecting his people and their liberties.

What were George Washington's strengths?

He was a great leader. Smart when it comes to battles. People liked him.

Who was the first president to be considered a strong national leader selected by the people?

George Washington

Why did the people want george washington to be king?

Because he was such a brilliant leader of the U.S. army during the revolution.

Who where the people involved in the Revolutinary War?

George Washington was most important he became our 1st president after being leader of the revolutinary war George Washington was most important he became our 1st president after being leader of the revolutinary war

Why do people call George Washington the leader of the US of America?

He lead the army in the revolutionary war and was the first president.

What made people remember Booker T Washington?

cos he was a American educator, author, orator, and political leader

Why is George Washington is important?

It is because he was the first president of the USA. He was also the president of the Philidelphia Convention. George Washington was the leader of the American Revolution. He was one of the people who is part of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

How does history remember George Washington?

Different people remember George Washington in many ways. The British remember him as a traitor to King George III. The Iroquois remember him as "town destroyer" The United States remembers him as the leader of our Continental Army and 1st President.

Who was the political leader of the American revolution?

George Washington was in charge of the Continental Army. He reported to the Continental Congress. John Hancock was in charge of the Continental Congress. The Continental Congress represented all 13 Colonies. The People of each Colony sent their Representatives to work things out and make decisions. Some Representatives had to follow the instructions given to them and some were sent without instruction. These 13 Colonies voted unanimously for the Declaration of Independence, and the ideas and ideals in that document bound them together as Americans. Thomas Jefferson wrote a draft copy of the Declaration of Independence and then the Delegates of the 13 Colonies made over 80 revisions to it before everyone present signed it.