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So they can have enough time for them to apologize the taxes of what Britain did to France. During the valley. Forge surprise on Christmas Day they had to go to battle a surprise battle and Britain wanted to get George Washington money when Washington was letting James Madison be president and Washington be vice president

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people supporting Jefferson formed the the Democratic-Republican party. Hamilton's party was know as the federalist party.

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Q: Why did political parties form during washingtons presidency?
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What was a major reason for the rise of the Federalist and Democratic - Republican parties during George Washington's presidency?

Actually during his Presidency there were NO political parties. There were opposite views, but the parties hadn’t formed. He was against them and felt that instead of serving the people they would only be concerned for themselves.

James Monroe's Presidency was during a period of peace and growth with the end of fighting among political parties. What was this time called?

Era of Good Feelings

What was Washingtons contributions to his country before during and after his presidency?

Before his presidency Washington helped form a new country, as president he helped establish the role of the presidency, and after his presidency he became the new country's largest distiller of whiskey.

What challenges did George Washington not face?

George Washington did not face the challenge of governing during a time of economic recession or depression. He also did not have to navigate a major political party system, as the United States did not have political parties during his presidency. Additionally, Washington did not have to contend with a significant military conflict or war on American soil during his presidency.

Who had the greatest impact on the economy during washingtons presidency?

Alexander Hamilton was probably Washington's most important adviser on the economy.

What was grantism?

Political scandals during Grant's presidency.

What political parties formed the coalition in the UK during world war 2?

Every political parties

How many parties were there during Jackson's presidency?

There were two main parties: Jackson's Democrats and the anti-Jackson Whigs.

What was washingtons job during presidency?

The same things that the Preisident does today. Lead the army, be chief of state, be head ambassador, ect.

What major European event did the American Revolution inspire during washingtons presidency?

It inspired the French Revolution, which eventually led to Napoleon's rise to power.

What did George Washington create the cabinet?

Washington established the cabinet, so he must have thought it was necessary. Later on during his presidency, two political parties where created. The Leaders of the two parties where in his cabinet, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Washington did not side with either of them. He thought that political parties where corrupt, so he enforced his rule in his cabinet to the fullest. People have documented possible times where they heard Washington yelling and arguing with his cabinet, making sure there is no sign of political parties.

In response to Alexander Hamilton's financial policies two political parties came into existence during the presidency of George Washington Hamilton supporters formed the party?

the two parties were the federalists and the anti-federalists. hamilton supporters were members of the federalist party The whiskey rebellion