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the redcoats were hated because the king had closed the port of Boston and had been selling redcoats or as there also known as lobsterbacks. also because they had been in war together and they made a promise and the king broke the promise.

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they lost a battle and they taxed the colonists

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Q: Why did the British hate the colonists?
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Did Britain hate the british colonists?


Why did colonists hate british taxes?

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Why did the colonist hate the British?

they lost a battle and they taxed the colonists

Why did the colonist hate the tax collector?

Because colonists paid only 1/4 of what the British pain in taxes

How do you use taxes in sentence?

Most Americans hate having to pay taxes. American colonists revolted because of British taxes.

Why did the native American hate and fear the colonist?

They didn't get along because the British colonists were always expanding out west into native American territory.

Why did the colonists fight of british?

The British were taxing the colonists without representation in Parliament.

Why were colonists angry with the British now?

What changed the colonists ideas about British later

What was the term applied by the british to the colonists?

The colonists called the British soldiers Red Coats. This is because of the uniforms they wore, which were red. The British called the colonists Yankees.

What languages were spoken by British colonists?

They spoke English.

What did colonists do to upset the British?

The colonists were British and when they declared independence they were seen as traitors by the king.

Why did colonists form committees to enforce nonimportation agreement?

To ensure that colonists observed the boycott of British goods