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The framers agreed to create the United States Senate and House of Representatives as a compromise. During the Constitutional Convention, framers disagreed on whether or not the legislative branch of government should represent the states equally or based on population. As such, the Senate has an equal number of 2 representatives for each state, and the House of Representatives has a certain number of representatives for each state depending on population.

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Q: Why did the Constitutional Convention of 1787 agreed to create a bicameral legislature?
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Delegates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 agreed to create a bicameral legislature as a way to?

address the issue of population differences among the states

What issues were agreed on at the Constitutional Convention?

At the Constitutional Convention, some of the key issues that were agreed upon include the establishment of a strong federal government with separate branches (executive, legislative, judicial), the creation of a bicameral legislature (with a House of Representatives and a Senate), the compromise between large and small states known as the Great Compromise or Connecticut Compromise, and the 3/5 compromise which determined how enslaved individuals would be counted for purposes of representation and taxation.

Is the 1787 meeting at which the Constitution of the US was debated and agreed upon?

Constitutional Convention

What did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention?

nothing. They agreed to keep slavery and kick out the British

What did delegates to the Constitutional Convention about slavery?

nothing. They agreed to keep slavery and kick out the British

Was the constitutional convention before the Bill of Rights ratification?

Yes, it was that's why Virginia agreed. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!

The constitutional convention agreed that congress would not interfere with the . until 1808?

Slave Trade

What was decision to create 2 house legislatures?

The Great Compromise, aka the Connecticut Compromise was when the large and small states agreed to form a bicameral legislature (legislature with two houses), which resulted in the formation of the US Senate and House.

How were desistions made by the Constitutional Convention?

Decisions were made by the Constitutional Convention concerning the founding of the US. They agreed to be a committee of the whole which means decisions were made through back and forth discussions until agreements were formed.

What were 7 areas in which the framers of the constitution agreed upon?

What did the framers of the constitution agree/disagree upon at the constitutional convention?

Why did American leaders thinks constitutional convention was necessary?

Delegates agreed to gather at what is called the at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in May 1787. They were to revise the Articles. They decided instead to write a document that created an entirely new and stronger national government.

Once the delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed on the Constitution what was required for it to become official?

ratification by the states -apex