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It happened because the Boston tea party triggered the women to react to it.

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Q: Why did the Edenton Tea Party take place?
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In whose home did the edenton tea party actually occur?

The Edenton tea party acually occured in the home of Mrs.Elezabeth King on the village green in Edenton.

What year did the edenton tea party start?

In 1774

Who led the women of the edenton tea party?

Penelope Barker

How many women were involved in the the edenton tea party?

51 women were involved

What did Penelope Barker do?

Penelope Barker was a prominent figure in the American Revolution who organized and led the Edenton Tea Party. In 1774, she rallied 51 women from Edenton, North Carolina to sign a protest known as the "Edenton Tea Party Resolves," which expressed their support for the American boycott of British goods. This act of defiance by women was seen as a significant statement of political unity and resistance against British rule.

How did the Boston Tea Party come to take place and what actions did Britain take after the Boston Tea Party?

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What did the Boston tea party take place?

The Boston Tea Party took place in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts on December 16, 1773.

When did the Boston tea party the Boston massacre and the tea act take place?


In which capital did a famous tea party take place?

The tea party took place in Boston which in 1775 was a major colonial city but not a capital.

Why did tea party take place?

people were raising taxes

What was the purpose of the Edenton Tea Party?

Led by Penelope Barker, the all-woman Edenton Tea Party (October 25, 1774) illustrated the influence of women in the colonies, and their support against exploitation of the American colonies by England. It followed the better known Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773. Realistically, what is now called the Edenton Tea Party did not get that name until decades after the event. What happened in 1774 was far more significant in the colonies, as well as in Europe. Until Penelope Barker and her friends took their action. women simply did not engage in political discourse here or abroad. Penelope Barker was one of the richest women in the colony now known as North Carolina. Where the men at Boston wore costumes and face paint to hid their identity, the women at Edenton met for the purpose of sending the King a clear and strong message and had the courage to actually sign their names to the petition they produced. It is not known it they actually had tea, but it is believed that they did not throw any into the Albemarle Sound. When their petition arrived in England, it created such a stir that London's cartoonists used it as fodder for ridicule. A copy of one such cartoon now hangs in the Barker House in Edenton. Barker was not alone as a significant player in the colonies demanding independence from England. The Edenton Historical Commission maintains a web site that quotes from their petition and lists the names of signers. (see related link) So the Edenton Tea Party was not really a tea party, it was the launching of woman's political liberation.

In which New England did the Boston Tea Party take place?