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the colonist move to the Ohio valley because the east was getting crowed and plus the Ohio valley soil and was made for farming.

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They wanted more waterways . (:

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Q: Why did the colonists move into Ohio valley?
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Documents that forced colonists in Ohio River Valley to move back to oringinal 13 colonies?

American history

What was a major cause of general braddocks loss?

Braddock loss left the British colonists in the Ohio Valley without protection.

Why did colonists want to move into the Ohio River Valley?

They wanted farmland they could sell and make a profit.

What did the colonists expect to do with lands won in the French and Indian war?

The colonists wanted to settle the Ohio River Valley.

What did the colonists want to do after the french and Indian war?

Settle in the Ohio River valley

Why was a problem with the colonists moving to the Ohio River valley?

they just had a problem crossing it

What is the inland river territory scene of fierce competition between French and land-speculating English colonists?

Ohio River Valley.

Which act forbid colonists from settling in the Ohio valley?

to avoid war with Indians

Which group settled the Ohio Valley in defiance of the law?

an unofficial group of colonists -E

How did an armed force of English colonists led by George Washington start a European war?

They tried to drive the French out of the Ohio River valley.

The group who settled the Ohio Valley in defiance of the law?

an unofficial group of colonists -E

What said colonists were forbidden to cross over the Appalachian Mountains into the Ohio Valley?

Proclimation of 1763