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because it did what now son

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Q: Why did the early state constitutions make the legislature supreme?
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Why do you think most early state constitutions made legislature supreme?

I think most early state constitution made the legislature supreme so they can have their own army and authority to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states.

What kind of governments did state constitutions create?

legislature executive

What is a reasonable explanation for the ease with which the some state constitutions can be amended?

Some state constitutions can be amended by a referendum, rather than by an act of the legislature.

Are state constitutions supreme within their border?


State constitutions are supreme within their respective borders?


Why were early state constitutions important?

They changed the laws

What do state supreme courts do?

Supreme courts in each state, like the U.S. Supreme Court at the federal level, interpret their state constitutions, statutes enacted by their state legislatures, and the body of state common law.

What did State constitutions written after 1776 generally contain?

a Bill of Rights, Bi-cameral legislature, and an elected executive

State constitutions made which branch of the government the most powerful?

The State Constitution made the legislature branchthe most powerful.

What was ideal that was an important part of early state constitutions?

popular sovereignty

Who is responsible for the formal interpretation of a State's constitutional and statutory law?

State courts interpret state laws, and state supreme courts interpret state constitutions.

Why did the state constitutions limit the power of the early state governors?

In writing state constitutions, Americans were well aware of the problems that had led to the Revolution. Colonists had been unhappy with governors appointed by the British Crown. Thus, the new constitutions minimized the powers of state governors.