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The constitution was a set of ethical codes that the founding fathers wanted to create to protect the citizens, and the colonies. They wrote the laws not to establish justice, but as a way to define what rights citizens in the country were entitled to .

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Q: Why did the founding fathers write establish justice?
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Did the founding fathers write the pledge of allegiance?


Who are the framing fathers?

The framing fathers were political men who helped to write the Constitution for the United States. They are also sometimes referred to as the founding fathers.

In what city did the Founding Fathers write the Declaration and the Constitution?

Most of the effort in writing the founding documents took place in Philadelphia.

What incident led the founding fathers to scrap the old government and write the constitution?

Shay's Rebellion

What is contained in the U.S constitution?

in 1787 our founding fathers did agree to write a list of principle for keeping people free. The USA was just starting out, a whole brand new country. So our people spelled it out, they wanted to list liberty. And they put those principles down on paper and called it the constitution. The first part of the constitutuin is called the preamble and it explains what our founding fathers set out to do.. We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, provide for the human defense, promote the general welfare and establish justice and liberty to oursevles and our prosperity to ordain and establish the constitution. Grammar rock rules

How much credit is really due to the Founding Fathers for producing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

All of it. The definition of the term "Founding Fathers" is those men who helped write those two documents. Michael Montagne

Did your founding fathers write the deleration of independence?

Thomas Jefferson did with the help of John Adams and Ben Franklin.

What name is given to the men who helped to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

They were called the Founding Fathers or the Framers of the Constitution.

Where did the founding fathers write the constitution.?

independence hall

What are people like George Washington Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton and others that helped write Constitution called?

The Founding Fathers

Some argue that the Shays's Rebellion inspired the founding fathers to write the Constitution in order to:?

protect the interests and property of wealthy Americans

What document did your founding Fathers write in 1787?

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