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it provided the framework for popular sovereignty

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Q: Why did the framers of the Constitution provide that the President and Congress be elected while federal judges are appointed?
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Is the secretary of state appointed or elected?

Appointed by the President and approved by Congress.

Is executive elected or appointed?

The President and Vice-president are elected, the President's cabinet is appointed. If the Vice-president dies in office, the President appoints a new Vice-president, pending confirmation of Congress.

Are members elected or appointed for supreme court?

The U.S. Supreme Court members are not elected by the people. They are nominated by the President and voted on by the Congress.

Are governors appointed by the President of the US and confirmed by the Supreme Court?

No, governors are elected by the people of a state. Federal judges are appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress.

Are you elected as a president or appointed?


Can Congress appoint state judges?

No, state judges are either elected or appointed.

Under the Constitution the President is to be elected by what?

A majority of the Electors in the Electoral College

How the president and the congress of the US elected?

THE president is elected by the electrol college. Congress is elected by the people

Are you elected or appointed?

A president is elected. (the constitution states that a president is elected by the people for the people) You think I am wrong because I am only twelve years old be my geography teacher has taught us all about that. thanks for your question!

Who was the only president never elected by the people?

Gerald Ford was never elected in a national election. He was appointed vice-president to fill out a term and became President when President Nixon resigned. He elected to Congress some 10 times by his Congressional district.

How are the people of Mexico represented?

By the means of an elected government, constituted by the executive (president), legislative (congress) and the judiciary (courts and judges, who are appointed).

What president was elected to both the US and confederate congress?

There was no confederate congress so there was no president elected from both.