Why did the hessians fight?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Because the British bought there help for 150,000$ 30,000 soilders were sent to fight

Hessians were professional soldiers who were often "rented" out to other armies by their rulers, a common practice in 18th century Europe. During the American War of Independence, George III, who had family ties to the Prince of Hess, borrowed and deployed entire regiments of Hessians. Some were volunteers, but many were conscripted, and a few Hessian states kept significant parts of the population under arms. Being a professional princely army, Hessians upheld a strong code of honour. They usually had nothing to gain from the conflict, but fought anyway because it was their duty as soldiers. They served out of a sense of loyalty to their princes and their States.

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The Hessians were strongly utilized by the British throughout the 18th century, most notably during the American War of Independence.

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Q: Why did the hessians fight?
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What were the hessians gain from fighting in the war?

The Hessians were being paid to fight in the war, they were mercenaries

What did the Hessians fight for?

They fought for justice then again they had to

What side did the hessians fight for?

They were on the British side; They were loyal to the King.

Why would hessians help the british fight the American?

they were hired as mercenaries...essentially, they were paid to fight.

The German mercenaries hired to fight the American rebels were known as what?


What German solidiars some of them Hessians were hired to fight for the British?


Origin of the hessians soldiers hired by king george to fight against the colonists?

Hessians were Germans. King George also asked Catherine the Great to send Russian troops to fight with the British, but she declined.

Hessians were hired to fight for who in the revolutionary war?

The Hessians were auxiliary troops from Hess, a state in what is now Germany (The term "Hessian" is now used to refer to all German troops deployed by the Crown in the American Revolution, although not all of them were necessarily from Hess).

Who was the leader of the hessians?

The leader of the Hessian's were the British the were used as slaves and had no choice but to fight for the British

Why did the Hessians fight for the British in George Washington's socks by Elvira Woodruff?

i don't have a clue soz

What were German mercenaries known as?

the germans mercenaries hired to fight the american rebelswere known as?

What were the German mercenaries hired by the british to fight during the American revolutionary war known as?