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privateers seized cargoes of rum from the west indies , wool from england and furs from Canada

idk !

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Privateers aided in the Revolutionary War because it was a way they could serve there country and it was very profitable if the captured British ships.

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Q: Why did the privateers aid in the Revolutionary War effort?
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The name of the governor of Louisiana who supplied aid to Americans during the revolutionary war?

That would be Bernardo de Galvez :)

Why was foreign aid so important to the American cause?

Foreign aid was essential because the rebels did not have the resources, training, or manpower to fight the British alone. The Revolutionary war would not have been won if it had not been for the french and their aid with soldiers, rations, combat weapons and gear etc

How did European officers such a Lafayette aid America in the revolutionary war?

Foreign officers helped General Washington during the Revolutionary War, by training them to use weapons properly, and how to fight the formal battles favored by the British. Within a month, the troops were executing drills with speed and precision. Because of this, the American Army emerged from Valley Forge as a more efficient and stronger fighting machine.

Interventionists claimed that the US could avoid war it it?

Interventionists claimed that the United States could avoid war if it sent aid to Britain.

Which nation aided America greatly during the Revolutionary War?

The countries that did come to the aid to the Americans in the American revolutionary war in 1775 - 1783, were France, and the Netherlands. Also Europe countries, Germany and Spain.The french general Marquis De Lafayette was a french noble who brought trained solders to help the patriotic (American) cause.The German man Friendrich Von Steuben helped train George Washington's continental troops to march and drill.There were also two Polish men. Thaddeus Kosciusko, he was an engineer who helped build forts and other defences. Also Casimir Pulaski, he trained George Washington's Calvary troops.

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What was the motivation for privateers to aid in the war effort?

The Americans had more reason to fight. At stake were not only lives but also their property and dreams of liberty.

How did women aid revolutionary war effort?

By mangaing farms and businesses -APEX- lol

What motivated the privateers to aid the war?

It was a way they could serve their country and was very profitable to the army if they captured and won the war.

How did woman aid the revolutionary war?


Who was willing to aid the Americans in the revolutionary war?


What was the motivation for privateers to aid in the war?

The Americans had more reason to fight. At stake were not only lives but also their property and dreams of liberty.

How did cartoon aid the world war 2 effort?

the political cartoons helped the WWII war effort by raising morale and also by encouraging civilians to help the war effort.

How did the united gain allies and aide during the revolutionary war?

The United States gained allies and aid during the revolutionary war in terms of military aid and financial support from France, which was not in good terms with Britain.

Who asked France to aid the US during the Revolutionary War?

Benjamin Franklin

How did the women aid the revolutionary war?

By mangaing farms and businesses -APEX- lol

Did the French and Spanish both aid the American war effort?

yes they did

How did Adolf Hitler aid in the World War 2 war effort?

raised moral in Germany