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During the American Revolutionary War, the American victory at Yorktown (Virginia) in 1781 resulted in the end of the war because of the significant British losses in that battle. Losing over 7,000 soldiers after also having their fleet routed, the British reckoned that the war had become too costly; to continue it (let alone pursue final victory in it) was simply not affordable.

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Q: Why did the victory at Yorktown end the war?
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Why did patriot victory at Yorktown end the revolutionary war fighting?


What was the victory at Yorktown?

The victory at Yorktown is one of the bat tels fought in the revolutionary war. The war that technically marked the end of the war even though there were smaller fights for 2 years until the treaty of Paris 1783

Why did the victory at Yorktown end of the war?

Because everything was settled after the fight, there was no need for anything else

What battle helped end the American revolution?

the Battle of Yorktown was the last major battle of the American Revolution.

In which city did an American victory bring about the end of the American Revolution?

The battle at Yorktown was a big win towards the end of the war. It was the last major battle. After the victory at Yorktown, the British realized the war was too costly to continue.

What war was the victory of Yorktown?

American Revolution

Why did the patriots victory at Yorktown end the fighting?


King George III agreed to give the Americans their freedom after the victory at?

After their victory at Yorktown.

What patriot victory convinced the british that the war was too difficult and costly to pursue?

Battle of Yorktown

The southern stage of the revolutionary war ended with an american victory at?


What was significant about the patriot victory at the Battle of Yorktown?

it ended the Revolutionary War

Where is the site of the final victory of the American Revolution?

The site of the battle that ended the war was in Yorktown, Virginia However, the war didn't official end until the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1786. Note: New York City was held by the British even after Yorktown, until the Treaty of Paris.