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southern states created loopholes to prevent african americans from voting

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What amendment allows for law enforcement to arrest an individual with an arrest warrant?

Fourth Amendment.

Which amendment process is the actions of the Executive branch in the enforcement of federal legislation?

informal amendment process

Why would you be against the fourth amendment?

The 4th amendment protects you against illegal search and seizure. There are times when such activities can provide additional security for the community. Parts of the current Patriot Act allow law enforcement officials to search email and phone conversations. Some believe that this is eroding the protection of the 4th amendment.

What role did the U.S supreme court play in ending reconstruction?

The Court restricted the scope of the Fourteenth Amendment by leaving its enforcement up to the states.

Which part of the Fourteenth Amendment gives Congress the power to make sure the amendment is not violated?

the enforcement clause

What Espionage Act claimed that its enforcement violated which constitutional amendment?


The actions of the Executive branch in the enforcement of federal legislation?

Informal Amendment process A+Karla aboytes :)

Has the 26th amendment been changed?

No, it hasn't changed. To do that would require a new amendment.

Was Prohibition repealed by the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution?

Yes. The Twenty-first Amendment repealed the Eighteenth Amendment (often called the Prohibition Amendment) in 1933.The National Prohibition Act (or Volstead Act) of 1919 provided for enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment, but was not part of the Amendment itself.

What is a an amendment?

It is an additional law added to the constitution. There are 27 amendments.

The volstead act was passed in 1919 to support the enforcement of the 18th amendment which?

this was prohibition - not having alcohol

What amendment fifth amendment states that excessive bail shall not be required?

A ____ is a written order from a court directing law enforcement officers to conduct a search or to arrest a person?