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There were three major reasons for Spain's closure of the New Orleans to American Shipping.

1) Strangle US Growth in the West: Spain was afraid of the United States' rapid growth in what is now the Midwest United States. They were reasonably afraid that this type of growth would eventually spill over into Spanish-held colonies and create a war-situation between the US and Spain. To prevent that eventuality, Spaniards intentionally chose to close New Orleans to American shipping to prevent the west from growing. As New Orleans was the only access of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, its use was vital to American growth and trade in the Midwest.

2) Prevent Smugglers and Contraband: Spain knew that the US had a long and historic tradition of smuggling to avoid the trade regulations set up by the Mercantilist United Kingdom (which required that trade only be conducted with the UK) during the colonial period. As a result, Spanish officials feared that it would be possible for Spaniard colonists to acquire smuggled goods as opposed to following Spain's Mercantilist model (which required that trade only be conducted with Spain).

3) Anger over the British Cession: In the Treaty of Paris of 1783, the United Kingdom granted the US freedom of access to New Orleans and the entire Mississippi. The Spaniards were enraged by this considering that they controlled both banks of the southernmost portions of the Mississippi River. They argued that the British could not legally give a concession over the entire river when the British did not control the whole river previously. As a way of being spiteful to the British for this overreach, they punished the nascent United States.

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Wasn't because the constitution had not been ratified yet, so the federal government (congress) did not have the authority or money to sign a trade agreement with Spain. This end in them closing the port to farmers. I think this is the gist, anyone else know?

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because the Spanish and the french kept stopping the farmers from transporting goods, using the New Orleans port, and they didn't like that.

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Q: Why did western farmers oppose Spanish and French control of New Orleans?
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