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The Americasn were interested in expansion northward because they believed that the Britsh North American contient should belong to the US, following their belief of Manifest destiny. Also, after the American Civil war fought in the 1860's between the Northern and Sounthern states, the southern used Canadian territory to attack the Northern. So, at the end of the Civil War in 1865, the Northern accused the British colonies of aiding the Southern states. This made the relationship between the Us and Britsh North America uneasy, and so the British North American contient was afraid that the Us was going to expand Northward and take their terrritory in revenge.

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they wanted cheaper land and more of it. The land out west was only4 cents

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Q: Why did westward expansion appeal to Americans?
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Who suffered during the westward expansion?

The Native Americans.

Who were often displaced as a result of westward expansion?

Native Americans.

Are the westward expansion and the westward movement the same?

Yes they are the same because along with the expansion, many Americans had to move and settle on the Western lands.

What was the the worst problem of westward expansion?

The displacement and slaughter of Native Americans.

What phrase did Americans use to explain their expansion westward.?

The Manifest Destiny

What was one consequence of western expansion for native American?

The westward expansion had a negative effect on the Native Americans in that region. During the westward expansion, the Native Americans were forced to live on reservations that were deemed the worst land in the area.

Which policy would be most likely be supported by the Democrats?

Westward expansion

Why did some Americans agree to westward expansion and others opposed?

There was no opposition to the westward expansion of the US. The first available westward movement came with the Treaty of Paris, where England gave to the 13 colonies all land east of the Mississippi River. Also, the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 set the groundwork for westward expansion.

What problem did the movement westward bring?

Native Americans were forced out of their homes during the expansion.

What led to westward expansion?

Americans desire for inexpensive land, adventure, the gold rush, Manifest Destiny

How did Zebulon pike impacted westward expansion?

what does zebulon pike have to do with the westward expansion

When Did The WestWard Expansion Start?

The westward Expansion started after the gold rush in 1849.